What Do We Do?

Founders Business Advisors is committed to offer a wide scope of services to its clients, and we take the following measurements to provide our clients with the best solutions possible:
  • Determine and estimate the market value of the business to be sold
  • Devise an informational package discussing the features and specification of the business to be sold
  • Use top-notch business valuation models to calculate the variables and constants to calculate the selling cost of the business
  • Market the deal to potential buyers on behalf of the sellers, and to find the best deal possible within a small timeframe
  • Work with potential buyers to determine their financial capacity and willingness to purchase to buy your business
  • Work around the estimate provided by the client to get best offers possible
  • Help the seller with evaluating the offers and negotiate the terms of the sale on behalf of the seller
  • Establish a transaction between a buyer and seller on strict confidential basis

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